Which game is multiplayer and offline to play with your friends, Best Multiplayer Games 2023

Hello friends, are you also looking for multiplayer and offline games that you can play with your friends without internet.  So inside this article I will tell you about some such multiplayer and offline games which you can easily play with your friends from your android phone with wifi and lan.  You just have to read this article completely because in this article I have told you how you will play these games and how to connect them with friends.

Which game is multiplayer and offline to play with your friends, Best Multiplayer Games 2023


You can easily play this game with your friend. And you will not even need internet to play this game, you should have your phone and your friend's phone connected to the same hotspot. And both the devices must have THUMB FIGHT game installed. 

How To play:- 

In this game you have to play with your friend, you have to keep your thumb above your friend's thumb, the one who keeps his thumb above the first thumb is the winner of this game.

Easy To Win Thumb Fighter Trick:-

To win this game easily, you have to have some patience and thoughtfully keep your thumb on top of your friend's thumb. If you make your thumb a little flexible then you can easily win this game. 

Why do people play thumb fight game?

People play thumb fight games for many reasons. Like playing for fun, to test your skills by playing with others, And to improve in thumb fight game.

2).  Teken 6:-

Teken 6 is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends without internet. If you want to play multiplayer on your phone, then you have to do some processing.With which you will play from your device and your friend will just read this article from his device. Everything has been taught in this.

First of all you have to download psp emulator then you have to connect your emulator to its device. After this you have to connect the emulator to your wifi and open the application of your emulator, then you have to select teken 6 and open it in your friend's phone as well. Then you will come together in the game so that you can play with your friend.

how to play tekken 6: -

To play tekken 6 game, you and your friend have to select one player, then you will reach a fighting ring. then you have to wait 3 seconds As soon as these seconds are completed, your fight will start, in which you and your friend will have one health, Whoever kills someone first and destroys his entire health line will become victorious.

Why do people like to play this game?

Because in this game you get to see the realest 3d fight, which makes it a lot of fun to play the game and if you play with a friend, then it is also fun to show your skills.

3). Mini Bettelground:-

Mini Bettelground is a game in which you can play with your partner and it is a game of few minutes which gives you a lot of states to play so that you do not get bored.And you can play this game without internet also, in this game you have to score, you are given a target, by hitting which you have to score. If you aim right then you can easily score more and more. Lightly this game is very old but if you play with your friend then you will like this game very much.Because if your friend is not able to score more than you inside the game, then you can show your good skills, which will increase your value a lot. When your friend battles with you in this game So for this there are more statuses in this game, And when you play this game with your friends, then you have to shoot it inside the game,Killing whom will increase your score, in this you get time by doing a few minutes, the one who kills the most becomes the winner in the end.

4.) Modern Combat 5

Modern combat 5 You can play this game with your friends, this game comes with very good graphics, in this game you and your friends are left in a prison. In which there are many zombies who are all killed who are making zombies by catching anyone, you and your friend's task will be to survive in this and kill the zombies For this you also get guns but you get their ammo by killing zombies, you get some limited ammo in starting so that you can collect guns and ammo from them by killing some zombies.And your friends support you in this and slowly it starts getting dark in the jail and the power of zombies starts increasing if you update your guns before it gets dark then you can stay alive. Because you will not be able to kill them easily due to the increase in the power of zombies, therefore it is necessary to update your gun.As it is morning, automatically all the zombies are killed and your squad's zombie becomes the winner. In which a player gets MVP.

5).Ice Rage: Hokey Multiplayer:-

ice Rage Hokey Multiplayer Game You can play offline multiplayer in which you have to play hockey and you can play with any number of friends.You have to open the hotspot of one device and connect all the devices, then one device has to become the host so that all your friends will come to your game. then you can play with your friends.

How to play game:-

You only get a playground of ice in the ice raga game, in which there are 2 golfs, you have to make balls in it. and it takes a lot of rounds When you play this game with your friend, you will enjoy a lot because it slides due to ice, which makes it a bit difficult to score in the game.

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