Stumble Guys Version 0.40 Update And New Future

Hello and welcome Guys So today I am going to tell you about the Stumble Guys Virsion 0.40 update, in which I have come up with new. And what's the best thing about this update.

Stumble Guys Version 0.40 Update And New Future

What update came in Stumble Guys 0.40:-

Stumble Guys Version 0.40 This Update Includes 3 New Skins Meow,Banana Guy and Super Guy This skin has been added. In this update 4 new Emots have been added and 2 animations and 2 footsteps have also been added to it.


The whole gross of this skin is like a cat and it is an epic skin which makes it look even better. If you play the game by selecting it, then you get good speed a little easily. Which is due to its thinness. This skin is completely new, so if you want, you can also create your entire MEOW Group in Stumble Guys.

Banana Guy:-

Stumble Guys Version 0.40 is the funniest skin added, which looks like a banana, looking at it, it costs that the banana has legs. And it runs in a very funny style which I enjoy watching. And if this skin is seen in a match, then people go behind it to enjoy it. Which makes gaming even more interesting.

Super Guy:-

This is the kind of skin from Stumble Guys that everyone wants to have. The interface of this skin looks a bit like Superman which makes this skin very cool. In this skin, there are punching glues on the hands. Which also looks like a boxer. This is everyone's favorite and legendary skin from Stumble Guys and it's only available in special spins. You have to spin a lot to get it. If it comes out to you then you will be very lucky. This skin has a red capes at the back which makes it even more osm.

Stumble Guys New Emots 0.40:-

I have come across 4 new emotes in Stumble Guys out of which 2 are Taunt and 2 are Emosy Emots. Its which are taunt Emots, in which in the first emots some end movement Bala emote and in the second taunt lie on the ground and move around in a circular motion. Which sounds great and in Emosy Emots only it shows some 3d emosy in which 3d Let's go is written in other emosy.

Stumble Guys New Animation:-

Two very nice animations have been added to Stumble Guys that you see when you win the game. In a way, it is like seeing your performance good. And everyone sees this update, the name of the first animation is Dance k, in which it dances like hip hop and the name of the second dance is Dance L, which roams on the ground, all these new animations give very good performance.

Stumble Guys New Footsteps:-

In the new update of Stumble Guys, 2 footsteps, one of which is named banana, by using which when you walk, you will come out of your feet, which I love to see. And the name of the second footstep is Rainbow, which I see very nice 7 colors when falling or jumping then it looks very beautiful.

Bug Fix:-

There were also many bugs before Stumble Guys Version 0.40 which have been fixed by Stumble Guys in the new update. In which a little lag was fixed and in which a few shortcomings have also been improved.


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