How to earn online Only Play Game And Earn Money

How to Make Money Online in 2022

Hello friend if you clicked on this article it means you play online games and you want to earn money too. Today I will tell you how to earn money by playing online games. And you must have seen that many apps are running, which are being promoted by any ads and Youtuber. Where a graph goes up by investing money, sometimes you play rummy and play other games and you waste your money. Such applications where there is no meaning of earning and your time is wasted due to which you do not even earn anything. And who made that app, no one is even authentic, they can also take our data. And it is not even safe to keep it on mobile, inertia, you download it yourself from other sites or youtube. And here I will tell you about the Januan app. And some new updates have also come in this application in which you get games like ludo, carom, quiz, call break and fruit cutter etc. And this is India's popular game company Rush By Hike and it is 100% trusted. And in this I will tell you how to earn and how to withdraw.

How to earn money with the Rush App :-

In this app you get daily free spins from which you can get up to 100 rupees if your luck is good. And that is your luck, how many free spins you earn, which do not cost anything and all the money you earn will come in your wallet. In this, you get a sign up bonus of 50 rupees, first you get 10 rupees as soon as you sign up and day by day you keep getting 10-10 rupees. And by referring to thousands of rupees, the company says that you can earn up to fifty thousand rupees by referring. You must know that you have to invest money to earn from all the apps in the market, but you will not have to invest even 1 rupee in this app. When you install the app, you get a bonus so that you can play the game, if your bonus money is exhausted, then you can earn money by playing the game by earning money by referring to you. And you can withdraw, apart from this, if you cannot do this, then you can do daily spin and you can play the game with the amount you get from spin.

How to install and register:-

To download the application, first you have to go to Google, there you have to search rush by hike, you will have to click on the first Bali site, you will see the button of download now, you have to download it by clicking on it when you install it. The permission of unknown sources has allowed to be given and then it is installed. Then you have to open the app, then you will see the interface of the register, you will have to enter your contact number, when you enter the number and click on login, you will get an OTP, after verifying it, your registration will be successful and your application will be activated.

How to Use Rush Apk:-

As soon as you open the app, you will get the option of spin in which you win from 2 rupees to 100 rupees. And in this you will get a spin of daily don't take tension and this app is for those who like to play games if you are not interested in gaming then it is useless for you. Here the game is the main one from which you will be able to earn proper and there are many types of games in it like you play a quiz ball game, you will have to pay 5 rupees entry charge which you have got to sign up and pay this game. IQ level also increases by playing and decision power also increases. So you will have to wait for something that will be added to online consoles, then you have to allow it, you have direct earning, you just have to give time. By the way, you get a lot of applications, but their company and withdrawal are also not known whether they will give or not but rush apk is a very big company's app which gives you 100% withdrawal. And when the quiz starts, then a timer of 10 seconds is running in front of you, inside this timer you have to give the answers to the questions, if your questions are correct then you win money.

How to play rush game ludu:-

You also get games like multiple ludo inside rush Apk, to play which you have to pay an entry fee in which 2 or 4 people can play together, in this you get a dice so that you can move your piece which you have also offline. Beans must have been played, like first your turn has come, then the other's turn as you play and you will also enjoy playing, then if you win the game, you earn money and here you can play many games. Earn money and can earn money by referring.

How to withdraw:-

You get many options to withdrow in this application. Like Paytm, phone pay, Bheem upi, and Amazon Pay, the option is also available and instant withdrawal is available in it, you just have to click on the withdrawal button. And you have to withdrow by entering your UPI I'D or Paytm number, just you will receive the payment within 5 minutes.

About this:- 

For those who play games, this is the number one platform for earning online, by following the same rule that I told you can earn up to 10k monthly. And this is very good for those people who have a little time or are going somewhere, then with this app your time will also pass and you will also earn.

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