Who is the No.1 Stumble Guys Indian Youtuber? Top 6 Stumble Guys Indian Youtuber

Top 6 Stumble Guys youtuber Who is Number one Stumble Guys Youtuber In India

After the launch of stumble guys in India, all youtubers started playing this game and started putting videos in it, but today in this article I will tell you this. Who is India's No. 1 Youtuber of Stumble Guys. Who has the largest audience of stumble guys in India. I will talk about such a top 6 Youtuber. Who still puts videos of stumble guys. And we have added the same YouTuber to it whose audience is mostly from India like: HarshTatsuya, Tufman Playz, Stumble Panda, Aniket Sonu, Blaezi Playz, Karlod Gaming And will tell you who has the most subscribers when the channel started, how many videos have been uploaded and India's number one is the youtuber of Stumble Guys.

Who is the No.1 Stumble Guys Indian Youtuber? Top 6 Stumble Guys Indian Youtuber

6} Karlod Gaming :-

karlod gaming whose full name is Rohit Shaw and his age is 15 years and he is in 10th class. His face has also been revealed. There are a total of 382 videos uploaded on his channel and his total subscriber is 20k. The total views of his channel's videos are 4,291,947. He started the channel on 25 February 2020. And he earns Rs 4k monthly from YouTube. And his channel comes at number six in Stumble Guys India. This is one of the top 6th India Youtubers of Stumble Guys.

5} Bleazi Plyaz :-

Blaezi Playz Her real name is bhavy Gulati. His age is 17 years. This class is in 12th. He has revived his face on his YouTube channel, he comes in the 5th number rank of India, who has an audience of India, he does live steam along with putting videos of Stumble Guys. Total 527 videos are uploaded on his channel and his subscriber is 25k, he joined youtube on sep 7, 2015. The total views on his YouTube videos are 5,822,575. They earn 12k monthly from their channel. This is one of the top 5th India Youtubers of Stumble Guys.

4} Stumble Panda :-

Stumble Panda His real name is Saqib Nawab and his age is 15th and he lives in Kolkata. He studies in class 10th. He has two YouTube channels. And the name of the second channel is Poor Panda. He has 1k subscribers on this channel. And he has 41k subscribers on his main channel. And the uploaded video total on his channel is 165. And the total views on the video are 3,103,986, their monthly income from youtube is Rs 6k. He started the channel on Dec 21St, 2020. And it comes in number 4th rank in India. Most of their audience is from India.

3} Tufman Playz :-

Tufman Playz His real name is Shaikh Amaan and his age is 21 years, he lives in Mumbai from India. He started his YouTube channel Oct 10, 2019 because he likes to play video games and when he came to know that you can earn money from YouTube, that's why he started a YouTube channel. And their parents also support their favorite games for YouTube are Stumble Guys, Bgmi, Codm, Fortnight, Apex legend,. His 2 YouTube channels have 41k subscribers on the first channel. And there are 1k subscribers on other channels. He has 861 videos uploaded on his main channel and the total views on his videos are 8,337,329. And the monthly income is 25k. And these Stumble Guys come in the number three rank of India.

2} Aniket Sonu:-

Aniket Sonu His real name is Aniket Sonu, which is on his channel, not much is known about him because he has not rebelled against anything other than his face reveal. They have 4 channels on YouTube, in which 2 channels have 1k subscribe and 1 channel has 7k subscribe. He has 42k subscribers on his main channel. Video 968 is uploaded on his main channel. The total views on his videos are 6,461,250. His monthly income is 17k from youtube. Stumble Guys is ranked number two in India.

1} HarshTatsuya:-

His real name is Harsh, his age is 21 years, he lives in Madyapride Bhopal. And he started playing stumble guys in Oct 2020, his face has been revealed, which you get to see on his YouTube channel and his social media. How did he earn money from YouTube by watching videos of YouTube channel Sandeep Maheshwari, then he started the channel. He made his channel for fun. They have 4 youtube channels on which they put their videos. He has a total of 64k subscribers on his main channel and a total of 655 videos are uploaded on his channel, he did this on YouTube channel Nov 9, 2017 and today he comes on rank one in Stumble Guys in India with 64k subscribers. And they earn from 30k to 90k monthly from youtube. And this is the upcoming youtuber in One Ranking of Stumble Guys India.

About this:-

In this article I told you that Top 6 Stumble Guys Indian YouTuber and who is at number one in India, which has the highest number of subscribers. In this article, the income is taken from the social blade site, this youtuber earns around the income, And this article is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, it has been told only live basd.

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